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How to Repot Plants

When do we need to repot plants? Usually my practice will be after bought from nursery, I will let them in their original pots at home for at least a few days before repotting them. Let's them to get use to the new environment first before repotting them to a prettier pot of my choice.

Step 1: choose the pot (you may read how to choose the right pot here).

Step 2: Gently press/squeeze at plastic nursery pot to loosen the soil from the pot.

Step 3: Remove it from its original pot and gently remove the soil as much as I can, please try your best not to damage its roots.

Step 4: Prune some roots if you think needed.

Step 5: Place some of your medium aka soil of your choice depending on the types of plants at the bottom of the pot.

Step 6: I will add some based fertilizer at the bottom of the pot.

Step 7: place the plant in and slowly adding in more medium (soil) and make it even.

Step 8: plant might get shocked after repotting. Watering it after repotting and refrain from too frequent watering even it might look sad or wilted.

Tadaa.. you are set!

Happy planting!

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