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8 Pet-Friendly Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

We know that most people has pet(s) at home, while they also love plants too. Some plants are not pet friendly and poisonous for pets. Decorate your home with some greenery while making it safe for your pet(s) at home as well. 8 house plants that are safe for cats and dogs that we recommend you to have it at home.

1. Spider Plant

This is an easy plant to grow indoor even for black fingers. Don't expose them under direct sun, it will burn/scorches their leaves. They also tolerant low light condition. Good for handing basket as well.

2. Calathea Orbifolia - beautiful apple green foliage that brighten your space at home. Watering when top inch of soil dry.

3. Watermelon Peperomia - By a look at its leaf, you will understand why its name "watermelon"! This is beautiful collection that you might want to have it at home. They like bright indirect light and doesn't need a lot watering. Let the soil dry out in between watering.

4. Bird’s Nest Fern - Tiny and cute for your bathroom!!! Watering them when top soil is dry!!!

5. Boston Fern

This is an low maintenance plant. Keep soil moist always. You may place a saucer under its pot with pebbles and water to increase humidity for this plant.

6. Orchid

Keep them away from direct sunlight! They like high humidity and it's safe for your pets at home.

7. Herbs - never go wrong when human can eat them. It's great choice to have these plants at home and for your kitchen! Chili, parsley and rosemary for example.

8. Calathea/Prayer plants - I always in love with prayer plants, it's fascinating to watch them "closed up" at night! Planting gets really interesting just to observe their changes throughout the day. Attracting colours on its leaves just brighten out my day! Watering them when top 25% soil is dry. They prefer bright indirect sunlight.

Keep yourself and your pet happy at home just get easier! Happy planting!

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