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How to Choose a Pot that Compliments Your Plant

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Pot is just like a cloth you wear, its will compliment the look and feel of a plant. Different pots has their own pro & con. Choose the right pot for your plant! White pot are usually good option for any plant, however it's depend on your preference and liking when choosing a pot for your plant. It's not only choosing a pretty pot that compliment your plant, there are few things to consider when deciding which pot to go, read further to understand your choices below!

To know which pot compliment your plant is a knowledge that will help your plant to survive better actually.

“There are many different types of pots available in the market. Do you know how to choose the right one for your plant?"

First of all we will discuss about what are the pots that commonly available in the market.

  • plastic pot - light weight, low cost and come with variety of colours usually. Depend on the quality some might wear off quickly due to hot sun!

  • terracotta pot - made from red clay, it's breathable and cheaper! It's will stain after sometimes in used and break easily.

  • cement pot - heavy and sturdy, good if your place is windy. Higher in price usually.

  • ceramic pot - great pots and come with variety of shape and design. It's great for indoor plant, however I find it not suitable for outdoor if the pot came with fixed saucer. It doesn't drain well under the rain. It will breaks or crack easily if not handle with care.

  • hanging pot / basket - great for hanging plants as its name. Usually come with a lot of drainage holes. Do not place them on top of other plants that's doesn't like too much water!

Pot play an important role in growing your plant! Some plants are tend to root rots especially aroid plants/cactus/begonia/sansevieria/etc., to avoid roots rot, please choose pot that come with lots of drainage holes. For this type of plant, terracotta pots will be a good choice, which its surface are breathable as well.

Some plastic pots are good because they come with a lot of drainage holes and they are good for well drainage function.

Choose the right size pot is equivalently important!

After you bought the plant from nursery, they usually came with plastic pot. If you plan to change a nicer pot for it, it will be best to choose just one size bigger than its original pots. So, it will have rooms for its roots to grow and also easier to control watering. Sudden change to much bigger pot tends to have assess water in the pot when you watering it. It might cause you problem in root rot. So rule of thumb go slow in upgrading your pot size!

Summary, there are many choices in pot materials, sizes and styles. Which pot to use depends on the plant’s moisture preferences and size.

  • drought-tolerant plants use clay and unglazed ceramic pots with preferring fast-draining soil.

  • for plants requiring a moist environment, use plastic, metal or glazed ceramic pot.

There are many other material pots available, for example wooden, metal, basket, fibreglass and so on. Choose them according to your liking but remember to understand your plant needs as well.

Happy planting!

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