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All About 

We believe in the healing power of nature,

and the soothing energy that calmly radiates from plants.

Amidst our busy city lifestyle, plants give us a much needed sense of serenity and zen

wherever we may be.

Sen is a tranquil cozy place to relax with family and friends, to enjoy a hot cuppa or a warm meal with your loved ones. Chill and recharge as you soak in the fresh green ambiance. Whether you are passionate about plants or design, coffee or food, Sen brings cool greenery into your daily lives and joy into your hearts.

We are happy to share our love and knowledge of plants with you.

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Watering House Plants

Connecting People to Plants

How do you feel when you are in touch with nature? 

Have you ever felt a peaceful, happy contentment when you were enjoying the great outdoors, be it hiking in the forest, camping by the stream or merely taking a walk in the park? That is the inexplicable connection that our soul makes with nature. And Sen aims to bring the forest element into your home to complete that yearning.

Garden center

We offer coming soon

  • Ready made terrariums

  • Ready made kokedama 

  • Plant gifts

  • Terrarium workshops

  • Kokedama workshops

  • Vegetables/ gardening sharing 

  • Various indoor/ outdoor plants 

  • Landscaping make over 

Plant Nursery
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